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Life of a Locked Down Jeweller

Life of a Locked Down Jeweller
May 6, 2020 Admin-31

Life of a Locked Down Jeweller

Coronavirus. It has been a scary few weeks since lockdown hasn’t it? I imagine lots of us have had a whole range of emotions, even if we don’t have a business.
We decided to take our children out of school the week before the schools were shut as my daughter had a mild cough and her school were worried-it was a cough she has a lot so was nothing to worry about but we did what we had to. I rang the school asking for a couple of weeks of lessons thinking they would be back after Easter! (I laugh now when it’s possible they may be home until September) And then there were the unknown financial implications for small businesses like mine. (I consider what I make very much not essential, although it does often bring a smile to peoples faces. So most definitely something to help cheer people up when we are all on the other side of this current pandemic.)

Then we were all locked down and it dawned on me I would be homeschooling for longer than a couple of weeks. But that was ok, we are a close family, my trade customers had closed and I had finished all my private commisions or spoken to my customers. All good.
We muddle through lessons now, but we are doing lots of “life” lessons in between the academic stuff and getting through each day. I find we do all the things I haven’t normally got the time to do with the kids-plant seeds and fruit trees, learn to bake sourdough bread, make biscuits. They humour me and nod whilst watching YouTube or playing Roblox. I take the dog for longer walks up to the bottom of the downs rather than just a couple of school runs. I have an amazing group of friends that I have been messaging and they keep me grounded, and our small road has become an amazing community that is helping each other with anything they need.

I have embraced being a bit of a hermit, I love my home and haven’t really missed not being able to go out. But I do miss my bench and workshop, I miss having jewellery to make and thinking things through with customers and fellow jewellers. I have also really enjoyed the slower pace of life and spending the time with my family. I hope they remember the fun stuff, and not me getting grumpy over feeling inadequate at simple maths and what a conjuntion is!

And I will come away from this (I hope) with a greater sense of making time for things that I want to do-self care I suppose…. and trying to keep home and work a little separate going forwards.

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