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Tailor Made


Jewellery just for you

Carron can take a piece from one of her collections and personalise it for you with say a specific stone or metal, however if you’re looking for that really individual piece of jewellery this is where Carron’s ability to take your idea and create something very special for you comes alive.

 The commission

Carron offers a free consultation to understand what you want to achieve. She will keep in touch with you through every step of the process to ensure that she’s fulfilling your dream.

If you have a family heirloom that needs repurposing or simply resizing Carron can help you with this as well.

 The workshop in action

You put the ring on, but how did its life begin…..

Once the metal has been chosen it’s first melted to a manageable size and shape, then milled to flatten it and shape it into a ‘D’.


A triblet is then used taking the ‘D’ shape piece of metal and turning it until the chosen ring size is achieved. The ends are then soldered to make the complete ring shape. The final polishing takes place to produce that shiny ring that goes on your finger.




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